Standard Twin


Basic room of Hotel BAREVE offers a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.There are twin beds.
  • Room size28㎡
  • Room composition1 bedroom + 1 bathroom, or 1 bedroom + 1 bathroom + terrace
  • Number of guest2 people
  • Bed typetwin bed (single + single)
Common features
  • Room Amenities
  • [Bathroom]
  • - face towel, bath towel, foot towel
  • - soap, total wash (body & hair), body lotion
  • - shower cap, swab, hair band, cotton pad, comb, gargling cup, hair dryer
  • [Bedding]
  • - Simons mattress, microfiber blanket, microfiber pillow
  • [Mini bar]
  • - tea bag, coffee, sugar, free mineral water, electric kettle, teacup, glass, fridge
  • [Room equipment]
  • - personal safe, telephone, system air conditioner, stand, TV (with 33 channels)
  • - hangers, slippers, shoehorn, clothes brush, sewing set, directory, pencil, memo pad, tissue
  • [Other]
  • -free wire or wireless Internet
  • - basic voltage 220V
  • ※ We are not provide toothpaste and disposable toothbrush for environmental protection.
  • If necessary, please purchase at the front desk.
  • Breakfast
  • - Time: 07:00 ~ 09:30, Location: Oak restaurant on the first floor
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • - Check-in: After 15:00
  • - Check-out: 11:00
  • Cancellation Charge
  • - 4 days before accommodation : No charge
  • - 3 days ~ 1 days before accommodation : 50% of first day room charge
  • - No-show or day of accommodation : No refund

※ Any cancellation must be made by the day and time mentioned above.

Otherwise, a cancellation fee / No Show charge equivalent to the room rate fee

the first night will be levied.

Terms of Use for Website

  • Thank you for visiting our homepage.
  • Hotel BAREVE is offering members an opportunity to join our website for free of charge to provide more convenient and diverse benefits.

  • Article 1 (Purpose)
  • The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth the conditions for the provisions and use of the Internet services (www.barevehotel.comin English,
  • hereinafter referred to as “Service”) provided by hotel BAREVE (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) for cyber members, the matters and procedures related to membership, and any basic necessary matters.

  • Article 2 (Effectiveness and Change of Terms and Conditions)
  • 1.These Terms and Conditions shall come into effect when they are published on the service screen and the company for the public notification.
  • 2.The company may change these Terms and Conditions, and the changed Terms and Conditions shall come into effect when they are notified publicly as stated under Article 1.
  • 3.When members using our membership system do not agree to the changed contents of Term and Conditions, the services will stop and the Agreement will be terminated. If members use services after these Terms and Conditions come into effect, the user shall be deemed to have consented to the update.

  • Article 3 (Rules Separate from These Terms and Conditions)
  • When any matter not specified under these Terms and Conditions is provided under the Telecommunications Basic Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, or any other relevant law, the provisions set forth under the laws shall apply.

  • Article 4 (Definitions of Terms)
  • The definitions of the terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall be as follows: 1.Members: customers who have entered into the agreement with the company, or who are given user ID for the services.

  • Article 5 (Rules Separate from These Terms and Conditions)
  • 1.If a user presses the “Agreement” button with the question of “Do you agree to these Terms and Conditions?” during the application procedure, the user shall be deemed to have consented to these Terms and Conditions.
  • 2.When a user has filed an application and agreed for use, the Company shall accept the application and the Agreement will be established.

  • Article 6 (Application for Use)
  • 1.Members shall file an application for membership pursuant to the prescribed application for use.
  • 2. All user information described in an application form is considered as real data. When a name is not their actual name or real information, a user does not have protections by law and has only limited services.
  • 3. Children under fourteen years of age can not use these services.

  • Article 7 (Content of Services)
  • 1.The Company shall provide cyber members with such services under Article 6, except for No. 2 and No. 3.
  • 2.The Company may reserve its acceptance of any applications for use in each of the following cases:
  • a. Where the facilities do not have the requisite space for membership; or
  • b. Where there are technical difficulties;
  • c. Where the Company finds it necessary for any other reasons;
  • 3.The Company may not accept applications in each of the following cases:
  • a. Where an application is filed for use under a third party's name;
  • b. Where at the time of application for use, the requirements have been falsely entered;
  • c. Where an application is filed for the purpose of undermining social stability, order, or traditional customs; or
  • d. Where any other requirement for the application for use as set forth by the Company is deemed insufficient.

  • Article 8 (Change of User Information)
  • Members shall make changes to their online information only if changes have occurred to the information they entered at the time of application for use. Furthermore, said member shall be held responsible for the problems caused by unchanged information.

  • Article 9 (Duties of Company)
  • 1.The Company shall not disclose or distribute to third parties the personal information of any of its members, with respect to the provisions of the Company's services, without the approval of the relevant members; provided, however, that this shall be the case where it is required under the provision of the law,
  • a. Including the Telecommunications Basic Act as stipulated by government authorities
  • b. Where it is required in a criminal investigation or by the Information Communications Ethics Committee, or where it is required under the procedures set forth by the relevant laws.
  • 2.Within the provision of 1, the Company writes and uses statistical data on the personal information of some or all members with respect to the Company's work and sends members’computer cookies via services. In this case, members have the option to establish their browser to install cookies and send notices or reject all cookies.

  • Article 10 (Duties of Members)
  • 1.Members shall not engage in each of the following activities with respect to the use of the services:
  • a. To wrongfully use the IDs of other members;
  • b. Without prior consent of the Company, members shall not copy, duplicate, change, publish, broadcast, or use in any other way the information they have gained through the use of the Company's services. Members must also not provide third parties with any information they may have acquired by using the services.
  • c. To infringe upon the rights of the Company and others, including intellectual property rights;
  • d. To distribute the information, certain content, or figures which may undermine the good customs or any other social orders;
  • e. To engage in any activity for criminal purposes or related to certain crimes;
  • f. To engage in any activity in violation of the relevant laws.
  • 2. Members shall comply with the relevant laws, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, and instructions of use and notes.
  • 3. Members shall comply with the matters notified by the Company through notices and notes by contents.
  • 4. Members shall not engage in any profitable activity based on the use of the services without prior consent of the Company.

  • Article 11 (Member Obligations Regarding the Management of Their IDs and Passwords)
  • Members shall be responsible for managing their IDs and passwords. Members shall be responsible for any and all consequences incurred as a result of their negligent management of the given IDs and passwords or wrongful use thereof. Passwords shall be a combinations of letters and figures to protect their personal information. Where a member's ID has been wrongfully used, or there are any other security violation cases, the member must notify the Company thereof.

  • Article 12 (Provision of Information)
  • The Company may provide a variety of information to its members by way of sending e-mails or letters with respect to the operations of its services. Members reserve the right to refuse to receive information on the menu of an application and information changes concerning members at their discression.

  • Article 13 (Publication of Members)
  • The Company shall not be responsible for publications of members, including messages, notices, e-mails, or any other transmitted contents through its services. In each of the following cases, the Company may delete them without prior notice.
  • 1. To harm or besmirch the reputation of others, or invade others' privacy;
  • 2. To engage in any and all activities that do or are likely to hinder the secured operations of the services;
  • 3. To engage in any activity for criminal purposes or related to certain crimes;
  • 4. To infringe upon the rights of the Company or others, including intellectual property rights;
  • 5. To exceed the time for posting regulated by the Company; or
  • 6. To engage in any activity in violation of the relevant laws.

  • Article 14 (Rights and Obligations for Publications)
  • All the rights and obligations for publications, including copyrights, shall be held by the member who was responsible for such publications.

  • Article 15 (Contents of Mails)
  • 1.The Company shall not edit or monitor the mails of members.
  • 2.Each member shall be responsible for their mails.
  • 3. Members shall not send pornography, rebellious content, junk mail, spam mail, or any other mail which may harm other people or undermine good customs without permission.
  • 4. Under Article 53 of the Telecommunication Law, Article 16 (rebellious communication) of Enforcement Ordinance of the Telecommunication Business Act, and the provision 3 of Article 53 of the Telecommunication Business Act, members shall accept liability for any damage caused by pornography or inappropriate messages, not the Company.
  • 5. The Company shall not protect IDs and mails of members who hurt other people or undermine good customs using these services.

  • Article 16 (Service Hours)
  • 1.Members may use services throughout the year, 24 hours a day if there are not professional or technical problems and other specific reasons. However, the Company may restrict the use of services partly or entirely if it is necessary to inspect facilities or the use of services is interrupted by unavoidable problems like malfunctions of equipment or a flood of users.
  • 2. The Company may set up the service hours separately for some services. In this case, the Company shall inform members of the hours in advance.

  • Article 17 (Obligation for Use)
  • Members must not sell illegal products via services including hacking, advertising for making money, or pornographic sites, and distribute commercial S/W. The Company shall not be responsible for both any results and damages caused by business activities going against the rules mentioned above including legal actions such as imprisonment by the authorities concerned.

  • Article 18 (Suspension and Restrictions on Use)
  • The Company can restrict or suspend some or all of the services when a national emergency occurs or is likely to occur such as a war, incident, natural disasters, and something similar to them, and when there is an unavoidable situation like telecommunication service suspension by key telecommunications business operators according to the Telecommunication Business Act. In accordance with the provision 1, the Company shall notify without delay the reasons and hours when the Company may restrict or suspend the services.

  • Article 19 (Personal Information Treatment Policy)

  • Article 20 (Termination of Agreement and Restrictions on Use)
  • 1. Members must ask for its termination to the Company when they want to do.
  • 2. In each of the following cases, the Company may terminate the Agreement or suspend it without prior notice.
  • a. To steal IDs or Passwords from others;
  • b. To hinder the operation of the services on purpose;
  • c. To engage in any activity to hinder social order and good customs;
  • d. To plan or implement the services for the purpose of hampering benefits of the country or society;
  • e. To hurt the reputation or efforts of others;
  • f. To transmit a variety of information or advertise it for the purpose of hindering the secured operation of services;
  • g. To distribute computer viruses to destroy the information or to cause malfunction of telecommunication facilities;
  • h. To invade intellectual property rights of the Company or any other members;
  • i. To have requirement for correction from other organizations, including the Information Communications Ethics Committee, or an authentic interpretation related to illegal election campaign activities from the National Election Commission;
  • j. To wrongfully use the information, the IDs, or passwords of other members;
  • k. Without prior consent of the Company, members shall not copy, distribute, or use in any other way the information they have gained through the use of the Company's services;
  • l. To post pornography on their own homepage or bulletin boards, or link harmful sites; or
  • m. To violate the provisions of services regulated by the Company, including these Terms and Conditions, and the relevant laws

  • Article 21 (Compensation for Damages)
  • Even where damages have occurred to members with respect to the services provided free of charge, the Company shall not be responsible thereof.

  • Article 22 (Indemnification Clause)
  • 1. The Company shall not be responsible for the provisions of services when an accident occur such as irresistible natural disasters.
  • 2. The Company shall be exempted from responsibility when the services do not work properly due to reasons attributable to members.
  • 3. The Company shall not be responsible for some cases when members do not obtain an expected advantage from the services provided by the Company or when the damage occurs while choosing or using the services.
  • 4. The Company shall not be responsible for any content posted by members, including information, materials, credibility of facts, or accuracy.

  • Article 23 (Competent Court)
  • The Company and members shall make every effort to amicably resolve any disputes that may occur with respect to the services. Notwithstanding appropriate efforts, any lawsuit brought up because of such a dispute shall be heard by a competent court of jurisdiction, where the Company's head office is located.
  • Addenda (Date of Implementation)
  • These Terms and Conditions shall be implemented from July 15, 2014.

Personal Information Treatment Policy

  • Article 1 General Rules
  • 1.The personal information means information concerning a living person by which the relevant person may be identified on the basis of name contained in the information (including the information, if used also, could not be used to distinguish one individual from the others, but which information could be easily combined with other information to distinguish one individual from the others).
  • 2. BAREVE Hotel considers the protection of personal information of customers important and has complied with the provisions concerning protection of personal information under the Personal Information Protection Act. BAREVE Hotel has notified through the Personal Information Treatment Policy how the personal information is used, for what reason it is used, and what kind of necessary procedures are applied for information protection.
  • 3. For the continuous improvement of the Policy, BAREVE Hotel has established certain necessary procedures. In the event of revision or change of this Policy,BAREVE Hotel has notified of such changes by posting serial numbers for users' convenience to confirm such revision or change.
  • Article 2 Items of Personal Information to Be Collected and Collection Methods
  • 1.Items of personal information
  • a. Required items: names, dates of birth, nationalities, genders, mobile phone numbers, e-mails, addresses, and credit card information.
  • b. Optional items: company names and positions.
  • 2.Collection methods
  • a. Homepage, written forms (membership application forms), telephone, fax, consultation notice board, and registration for a giveaway.
  • b. An affiliated company's offering
  • c. Collection of payment records, points, and service use records created during the use of services.
  • Article 3 Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
  • 1.BAREVE Hotel collects the personal information with the following purposes within the minimal necessary scopes to provide services.
  • Collection items Purposes
    Required items Names, dates of birth, nationalities, genders - Identification procedure in accordance with the membership services
    Mobile phone numbers, telephone numbers, e-mails, address
    - Identification procedure in accordance with the membership services
    - Communication for information, confirmation, notice and response to the members’ requests, complains, etc
    - Securing an exact address for home-delivery service of membership cards or event gifts, etc
    - Marketing services, new products, and event news
    Credit card information - Room reservation guarantee
    Optional items Optional items - Offering the customized services
  • ② BAREVE Hotel does not collect any sensitive personal information which could threaten to infringe upon the basic human rights of users (i.e., racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or thoughts, place of origin, political opinions, criminal records, health conditions, sexual preferences, etc).
  • Article 4 Retention and Use Period for Personal Information & Destruction Methods
  • 1.In principle, BAREVE Hotel destroys without delay the personal information it has collected once the purposes for its collection and use of personal information have been fulfilled. The specific destruction time shall be as follows:
  • a.In cases of registration: withdrawal from the membership or dismissal
  • b. Delivery information: when goods or services are delivered or offered.
  • c. Collected for the purpose of questionnaire surveys or certain events, etc: when the survey or events in question are completed.
  • 2.However, if required to retain personal information pursuant to applicable laws, including without limitation the Commercial Code, we retain the personal information for a certain duration as prescribed thereby.
  • a.Records on contract or revocation of application: five (5) years
  • b. Records on payment and supply of goods, etc: five (5) years
  • c. Records on customer complaints or dispute resolution: three (3) years
  • d. Authentication information to provide revisit services: one (1) year from the time that the membership is given
  • 3.Destruction Methods
  • a. Any hard copies of personal information: shredding or burning
  • b. Any electronic files of personal information: to be destroyed irretrievably using appropriate technological means
  • Article 5 Providing or Sharing of Personal Information
  • ① BAREVE Hotel shall not use the personal information of its members or provide such information to other parties or institutions for any reason beyond the scope of as specified in Article 3; 『Purpose of collection and use of personal information』, unless a member's consent has been secured, or in compilation with related laws.
  • If BAREVE Hotel provides personal information of its members to third parties or shares such information through a partnership, the Hotel shall inform its respective members by e-mail or written notice in advance with regards to whom, what information, and why it shall been shared, in order to secure their consent.
  • The supply of BAREVE Hotel's personal information is made possible in order to provide a unique and differentiated service. This service shall be provided upon agreement.
  • ② The personal information of members can be provided irrespective of their content, as specified in related laws:
  • a. If settlement of the membership fee and product delivery is required according to service provision.
  • b. If required for a statistical survey, academic research, or market survey. In which case, personal information will be processed in a form inaccessible by unauthorized persons prior to its transmission to third parties;
  • c. If requested by a government agency for the purpose of conducting an investigation in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  • Article 6 Users’ Rights & Duties, and Methods of Exercising said Rights
  • ① The users can always check on their given information, and request for modification, deletion or withdrawal of consent for personal information, by contacting the personal information manager in writing, by phone or e-mail; necessary action shall be taken immediately.
  • ② In the case of a member making a request for the correction of the errors on personal information, such personal information shall not be used or provided until the correction is complete; in case the wrong information has already been provided to a third party, BAREVE Hotel shall forward corrected information to the third party to enable editing.
  • ③ Personal information which has been removed as requested by the user is handled according to the statements of the period of possession and utilization, and it cannot be read or used for other purposes.
  • ④ Users should keep their personal information up-to-date, and are solely responsible for any accidents arising from their provision of inaccurate information. If a user indicates any false information, such as false information about others, his/her membership may be lost.
  • ⑤ A user has the right to protect his/her personal information, as well as the obligation to protect himself/herself and not to infringe on the information of others, including post.If a user fails to maintain such responsibility, and damages the information of others, he/she may be punished under the related law.
  • Article 7 Personal Information Treatment Officer
  • ① In order to protect members' personal information, collect opinions, and handle complaints, BAREVE Hotel has a privacy officer who is in charge of the following:
    - Department in charge of personal information: Planning Inspection Team
    - Personal Information Treatment Officer: Song Hyeong-min, Manager
    - Telephone number: (064) 735-8811
    - Email:
  • ② In the event a user needs counseling concerning infringement of personal information, he/she may direct their questions to the Reporting Center on Infringement of Personal Information in the Korea Internet Security Agency, Privacy Mark Certification Committee, Internet crime investigation center in Supreme Prosecutors' Office or the Cyber Terror Response Center in the National Police Agency.
  • Reporting Center on Infringement of Personal Information in the Korea Internet Security Agency TEL : 1336
    URL :
    Privacy Mark Certification Committee TEL : +82-2-580-0533
    URL :
    Internet crime investigation center in Supreme Prosecutor's Office TEL : +82-2-3480-3600
    URL :
    Cyber Terror Response Center in the National Police Agency. URL :
  • Article 8 Administrative Measure for Protection of Personal Information
  • ① BAREVE Hotel limits the number of staff who deal with members' personal information to a minimum for security reasons, preventing personal information from being lost, stolen, leaked, forged or damaged.The staff is trained frequently in order to observe and understand the policy, if related problems occur; corrective measures are taken immediately.
  • ② BAREVE Hotel is not responsible for a user's mistakes, or any event arising due to the risk of Internet. Each member must properly manage his/her personal information and be liable thereof.
  • ③ In the event of any loss, leakage, falsification or damage to personal information due to an internal manager's mistake or any technical accident, BAREVE Hotel will immediately inform users thereof, and prepare for the necessary measurements to be taken and compensation.
  • Article 9 Transmission of Advertising Information
  • ① BAREVE Hotel does not send customers any information of an advertising nature for commercial purposes against their will.
  • ② If any information of an advertising nature is sent by email for the purpose of online marketing, BAREVE Hotel shall take the following measures:
  • - Subject Line of email: 'Advertisement' may not be stated, and the details shall be explained in the text
  • - The Body of email: It clearly states the name, e-mail address, phone number, and address of the sender so that the recipient can indicate his/her wish to unsubscribe to any further emails; It explains the method necessary to unsubscribe for users' convenience.
  • ③ In the case of transmission of information for commercial gain, a user must have given consent to receipt of advertisement, by means other than email including facsimile, and text message, BAREVE Hotel expressively indicates the name of senders.
  • Article 10 Duty to Notify
  • This Personal Information Treatment Policy was legislated on January 1, 2014. The reason for the changes made to content will be announced through BAREVE Hotel's website. These changes could include any addition, deletion or alteration of the contents, or changes of security technology according to the laws and policies,
  • The First Notification Date: January 29, 2014

Visual Information Processing Equipment Installation & Operating Policy

  • Hotel BAREVE (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company ’) unveils how visual information is processed and managed with what purpose in accordance with the Visual Information Processing Equipment Operation & Management Policy.
  • 1. The ground and purpose of the installation of visual information processing equipment
  • The Company shall install and operate visual information processing equipment for the following purposes in accordance with provision 1 of Article 25 of Personal Information Protection Act.
  • a. Safety of facilities and fire prevention
  • b. Crime prevention for customers’ safety
  • c. Prevention of robbery and damage of vehicles
  • ※For more than 30 parking units, the Company shall install and operate the equipment in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 6 of Parking Lot Act Enforcement Rule.
  • 2. Installation capacity, position and filming scope
  • a. Number of equipment installed: 83 units
  • b. Installation position: lobby, hallway, swimming pool, parking lot
  • 3. Visual information protection manager and access controller
  • Division Name Position Dept. Phone No.
    Visual Information Protection Manager Song Hyeong-min Manager Planning Inspection Team +82-64-735-8811
    Access Controller Oh Yong-gil Manager Facilities Team +82-64-735-8860
  • 4. Filming time, storage period & place and processing method of visual information
  • Filming Time Storage Period Storage Place
    24 hours 7 days from the shooting date Server
  • 5. Matters on viewing and storing visual information
  • If a member wants to view or delete your personal visual information, you can ask it to the Visual Information Protection Manager anytime. However, the information is limited to the images filmed by you and those needed for the protection of his/her health or property. If requested to view or delete the personal visual information, the Company shall take a necessary measure immediately.
  • 6 Measures for request inspection, etc. of visual information by information principal
  • If you request the inspection, confirmation of existence and deletion of personal visual information, the Company makes sure to take necessary measures without delay. However, in the following cases, the Company can reject such requests, in which case the Company will provide you with a notice of the reasons for rejection and the method of appeal within ten (10) days.
  • a. If the personal visual information was destroyed because of the expiration of the retention period;
  • b. If it is prone to infringe upon others’privacy as a result of taking the measures required for the requests; or
  • c. If there is another publicly beneficial reason justifying the rejection of request for inspection, etc.
  • 7. Safety of visual information
  • The visual information is encrypted for safety. In addition, the Company differentiates the access control to the visual information for the purpose of efficient management of the personal visual information. To prevent counterfeit and forgery of personal visual information, the related information (ex: Date of creation, purpose of viewing, name of the viewer, date viewed, etc.) is properly recorded and managed. In addition, the visual information is kept safe in a locked cabinet.
  • 8. Matters on change in the Privacy Policy
  • The Visual Information Processing Equipment Installation & Operation Policy was enacted on January 1, 2014. If it is necessary for additions or deletions according to changes in related laws & policies or security technology, notice shall be given at least seven (7) days prior to the change on the website of the Company.

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