꿈, 낭만, 힐링 그리고  Hotel Bareve! 고급스러운 분위기의 호텔 방 전경
  • Hotel BAREVE, a five-star hotel representing Seogwipo, was established entirely with local funds from Jeju. With a sense of pride and responsibility, Hotel BAREVE is dedicated to promoting tourism in Jeju.

  • Hotel BAREVE was named by combining "REVE", which means dream and hope in French, with the Chinese character ' 人 '(number 8) carrying the hope of the Chinese who wished they had an eight-day week with one more day in their weekend.s

  • Delight and Comfort Providing Company Hotel BAREVE will strive to provide the differentiated services you need, as a place that gives you an unforgettable memory through a variety of outdoor activities and cultural experiences besides simple accommodation.